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Drain Cleaning Services

The Park Mechanical name is coupon plumbing discountsynonymous with quality service at an affordable price. We’ve been offering drain cleaning services to our customers in the Sacramento Area for over 100 years. We’ll unclog your drain and provide tips for keeping your drains flowing freely.

We know that a clogged drain is not always a minor problem. A clogged drain can potentially lead to major damage to your property. Even a small overflow from a clogged drain can be problematic. Any sign of a clogged drain should be taken seriously. Some signs that you could have a clogged drain include horrible smells from the drain, slow draining water, and backed up water.

A plunger or a liquid drain cleaner isn’t going to be enough for a clogged drain with solid matter stuck in there. Many things can get inside of a drain and clog it. Once something is lodged there, it’s not going to come out or dissolve on its own. This is where professional drain cleaning services from Park Mechanical is necessary. Our technicians are experienced at clearing and cleaning all types of drain clogs. From toilet and bath tub drains, to kitchen sink and laundry drains, you can be rest assured that we can clear them. Call us today at 916-231-5677 and set up an appointment or contact us.