Sacramento Sewer Repair

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Check your pipes

Your home’s sewer lines are an intricate network of pipes that connect all the drains from your sinks, tubs, and toilets to a main discharge line that is connected to the neighborhood main line. These pipes are responsible for removing waste water from your home, but are susceptible to aging, cracking, and leaking. This line can also get blocked and cause waste water to back up into your Sacramento home. Over time, these damaged pipes will damage your home. That’s where Park Mechanical comes in. Our trained professionals have the equipment and experience necessary to assist you in your time of need. Our technicians can diagnose the problem and provide a list of solutions that are in your best interests. If the majority of your sewer line is in good working order, but has a spot that causes a back up, a simple repair may be the option for you. This simple fix can easily extend the working life of your sewer trouble free. If the sewer line is beyond repair and requires replacement, our technicians will inform you and will assist you with that as well. Don’t wait until your home is damaged beyond repair! Call us at 916-231-5681 today for your sewer repairs!

The sources

A clogged line can be caused by a variety of things including a weakened pipe system, a total blockage, or problems with pipe connectivity. Some of the more common signs that your sewer lines need repair are:sacramento sewer repair

  • backed up water in your sinks or toilets, especially if the water is dark and/or discolored. This usually means that the flow to the main pipe has been interrupted. The connecting pipes could be clogged by an object.
  • foul odors coming from drains and pipes around your house. As more sewage leaks out, the smell will become more present to you.
  • water bubbling or pooling on the surface of your yard. This is an indication of a broken pipe that needs immediate attention.
  • back flow of sewer water into your bathtub or toilet. This is a sure sign the your main line is clogged and will need an inspection.

If you see or smell any of these signs, call the Sacramento Sewer Repair experts at Park Mechanical 916-231-5681!