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Unexpected Ways to Keep Your House Warm

With the temperature dipping down, homeowners typically experience a spike in their utility bill, which is typical when you turn to your heater to stay warm. Our skilled HVAC experts at Park Mechanical have come up with seven surprising ways to keep your house warm that you haven’t thought of yet. By implementing these tips, you’ll be able to lower your bill while staying nice and toasty.

Use rugs

Get some rugs and lay them out on your hardwood floors! Not only will they enhance the decor of your home, but they provide warmth on your feet.

Place foil behind your radiator

This nifty trick warms up your homes, not just your walls. This only works for those of you with radiators. Cover the paper with foil and place it behind your radiator. The idea is that the foil reflects heat into your rooms rather than being absorbed through the wall.

Replace your furnace’s filter

Forgetting to change your air filters can cause your HVAC system to work extra hard. Without a new filter, dirt and other particles build up and clog airflow. Change the filter, and you’ll notice your heater starts to work more efficiently!

Use the natural light

You can still take advantage of the California sunshine even in the winter. Open your curtains and blinds during the day. Just remember to close them once the sun goes down to trap the heat inside.

Leave the oven door open

With it being the holiday season, you and your family might be baking a lot. Next time you do, prop the oven door open. The heat will flow out and warm your kitchen while you enjoy the treats and goodies you’ve just made.

Reverse your ceiling fan

Turn your ceiling fans to move in a clockwise direction. Most fans come with a switch that easily allows you to do this! This change will help keep warm air down and spread evenly throughout your home.

Use shower steam

If you can, leave the door open when you shower. The steam will flow throughout the house and help increase the temperature temporarily. Not only that, but the moisture will help humidify the dry winter air.

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