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Pipe Repair

Sacramento Pipe Repair Services

Non-Invasive Solutions for Burst Pipes

There’s nothing worse than seeing a pipe leak. A damaged, broken sewer line can turn into a disaster for a home. It can mean clogged drains, backed up sewage everywhere, and foul-smelling stagnant pools gathering on the lawn. Despite the problems that can arise from a leaking pipe, many homeowners put off their pipe repairs because of the construction-like zone that results from the upheaval. However, there is a solution!

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Trenchless Pipe Repair to Save Your Landscaping

Thanks to the trenchless method of repairing and replacing pipes, our technicians have been able to minimize the damage and time needed to complete a job. One of the more popular methods is call pipe bursting. With this method, we’re basically breaking or shattering your old pipe and replacing it with a brand new one. The way this works is we dig two holes to use the pipe bursting machine. A conical head with fins that is larger than your damaged pipes is fed through, shattering the old piping while a new pipe follows directly behind it. As the head continues along the piping, your new pipe instantly follows through behind and replaces it. With this technology, we can even up size your pipes if necessary. It runs through the same process but a larger cone head and pipe is used. Protect the beauty of your lawn and call us for a burst pipe repair today!

The Solution

We can repair your pipes without turning your front yard into a construction zone. This method, called a trenchless repair, can minimize lawn, driveway, sidewalk and landscape damage to your property. We can even clear roots without killing your trees and shrubs. The job can be done in less time with a lot less digging. Park Mechanical uses special equipment and modern technology to repair your deteriorating and damaged water line with a variety of reliable and durable replacements. This drastically reduces the chances of deterioration and future damage to the water line.

At Park Mechanical, our team of dedicated pipe repair experts in Sacramento is committed to your needs. Call us at (916) 345-1592 to get started with an estimate!

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