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Galvanized Repipe

Sacramento Galvanized Repiping Services

Problem from the Past

When the time comes for a galvanized repipe, call Park Mechanical to help you out! We have the experience and tools to provide professional galvanized repiping services in Sacramento.

The Problem with Galvanized Pipes

Homes that were built during or before the 1980’s probably have galvanized pipes – and they’re almost guaranteed to cause problems. Galvanized pipes are steel pipes covered with a protective coating of zinc that reduces corroding and extends the pipe’s lifespan. Therein lies the problem. Minerals in water react with the galvanizing material and form scale. Over time, this builds up and clogs the pipes.

Another problem with galvanized piping comes from hard water. Minerals such as calcium, lime, magnesium, and iron are abrasive to the insides of these types of pipe. This causes the inner protective coating of zinc to be worn off. Corrosion and rust are imminent once that happens. That’s when you’ll need a repiping service.

Our Repiping Services

A galvanized repipe is the process of refitting the existing plumbing or water pipes at your location with something better. Our Sacramento plumbers at Park Mechanical offer various solutions that are superior to galvanized pipes. Some of the more popular solutions include copper or PEX pipes. Get in touch with us for more information.

Schedule your galvanized repiping service today by calling (916) 345-1592. We proudly offer financing options and emergency services. Contact us to learn more.

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